DARBAR Movie Review

Rating: 03/10
Verdict: Poor

Cliche story with stale performances and dialogues

Review with spoilers:-

Story: There is truly nothing much to talk about the story. Its the same old mass masala story as we seen a thousand times. There is good cop he messes with some bad peoples in order for doing the “good work”. Hero makes some big damages to the villains and party and that is big win for the Hero and team (except there is no team, only hero gets the praises. duh!!) then the interval. after the interval shit gets too real for the hero. The main villain kills someone intimate to the Hero and finally hero takes revenge, the end. That’s it that’s the entire story.

Writing: I was amazed when i found out ARM wrote the screenplay for Darbar. There are bad screenplays and badly written screenplays, then there is Darbar. Most of the lines they talk in a conversation does not even felt natural especially for the supporting casts. Punch lines does not even felt any good (even with the BGM). I have just seen the movie and i don’t even remember the character name of Rajni.

Acting: First of all, i am a big Rajni rasikan. For a “mass” movie like this Rajni does not even convince the audience as a mass hero. Back in the day he made some of the finest action movies but its not back in the day. He is old now, maybe he should stick to the roles for his own age. Seeing Rajni struggling to find the old pace is just felt wrong. Nayanthara’s character is too unimportant. Yogi Babu isn’t even in the movie for whole 5 minutes. Sunil Shetty suppose to be an international gangster but acted like some dumb goon. Nivetha Thomas is the “prey for villain”. Most of the time there will be some police officers we does not even care of.

Songs & BGM: Anirudh Ravichander did a good job in the department. Darbar does have some decent songs but placement of the songs in the movie is questionable. Circumstances of the songs in the movie are felt too artificial. Its like they made a bunch of songs and then arrange the story for the songs to come. BGM was nice but after a point you will become weary of the BGM, bacause after every line Rajni says there is the same BGM.

Acton: As of someone in Rajni’s age there will a limit for the action sequences for the man can do. They pushed the limits and it does not look good. Rajni does not even look good in the police uniforms. The action sequences are utterly bullshit and laughable (that’s all i got). We all love to see Rajni in some good action movies with the same energy, but for god sake not like this.

Direction: I would say ARM failed the opportunity to make a better movie with such an amazing cast. As he was the writer of story and screenplay he does have the total control over everything to make it better. It just felt like ARM suddenly got Ranji’s date and written the whole thing within two days.

Overall: Skip this one. Forget Darbar ever existed and move on.

DARBAR Movie Review

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