My Plan For A Zombie Apocalypse

zombie head with texts

What am i gonna do in a zombie apocalypse is a question bugging me for a quite some time. I know, it is a low hanging fruit at this point. It’s not about what you should be doing in a zombie apocalypse instead its about what i would be doing in a zombie apocalypse? (Yeah, its all about me). First of all I have watched all 10 seasons of The Walking Dead, so i have a faint idea about whats gonna happen, plus i am in a foreign country now. So this would be fun.

The Initial Outbreak

initial zombie outbreak picture

If the outbreak happens in a day time i would probably be in my office. I have a pretty safe corner cubicle so defending myself should be easy and we have detachable walls so there is free weapon for you. After i bashed some heads of my fellow colleagues i will get to the bathroom, check the bath room really silently (see Walking Dead instinct) and lock myself in and wait for the dark. In the night i will get out of the bathroom and take my boss’s car and drive (i don’t know, i just felt like taking his car) to the closest supermarket. Trust me i have given some serious thoughts about the location for the stay. Supermarkets would be ideal. (You will thank me later). There will zombies, but clearing them out won’t be a big deal. (We still have that weapon, remember?)

If the outbreak happen at a night time, things will a be little more complicated. My roommate is a light sleeper he will respond to any small sound at night, me on the other hand, a deep sleeper i will not know a thing even if the world literally ended that night. So my zombie apocalypse happening in a day time (Shut up, Its my story).

The Stay

inside of a supermarket

I will be staying at “my own” supermarket. Lots of food, clothing, water, medicines. Remember when i said the supermarkets are ideal for the post apocalyptic world, this is it. First i will consume the perishable food and the carbonated drinks. Assuming the canned food and the mineral water are less likely to perish. (I know, I am a genius). After the outbreak fuss is over i need to find a ride. I will be looking for a truck. F150 would be perfect. I need to find a lot of fuel for my car for the time i have to move from the supermarket. This is the tricky part, i have to sneak out each day for the fuel, probably at night. After i stored enough fuel, then its time to relax. Oh, and i will change my weapon to a baseball bat. Silent and effective (Harley Quinn Style).

The Move

The moving will be after a long time from the initial outbreak. I will store the rest of the canned food and water in the truck and drive as fast as i can. First thing i want to do is get out of the city. Once i make it out of the city things will get calm. I will be driving though the country side and be looking for an isolated house with a farm. The small the house the better. No matter which country you are you can always find isolated houses, if you know where to look.

a house with farm

After i find the house, i will wait in my car at a distance for finding out any movements in the house. There will always be people thinking exactly like you. If i find any movements, i look for another house(i don’t want any trouble). If there isn’t any signs of other people, congrats to me, I found a house. First i will observe the surroundings and if the surroundings are safe i will be entering the house. This is a big brain moment, i will be entering the house through the window. The doors and hallway are most likely to be filled with zombies who were trying to get out of the house during the outbreak. (or not, anyway i will take my chances). Once i entered the house i will clear the house room by room. Things may get ugly, but i am confident.


The food will eventually run out. so i need to start farming. First i will build a fence around my area, probably with spikes. If the house already have a fence, i will strengthen it with wood or metal rods. After i fenced my area i will start by planting raw consumable corps like tomatoes, cabbage etc. And i have to look for a water source. Because the house is isolated and have a farming land there must be a well for the irrigation. I know it will get boring life but at least i will be safe.


I know i wont be the only one made it through the time. There will always be people alive. But i don’t wanna be with anybody. I work good alone. If get bored i will find a dog. The chances of me finding out other people are very high each day. But i will not trust anyone, especially in that lawless world.

I don’t know if anythings gonna happen exactly as i planned, but its good to have a plan. Of course there are grey areas and loop holes that you can find in my plan. But it is my original plan.

Zombie Apocalypse

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My Plan For A Zombie Apocalypse

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