“Bye For Now.” – PewDiePie | News

YouTube king PewDiePie finally takes a break from YouTube. Yesterday’s (15.01.2020) LWIAY was his last video before he goes on the break. He talked about taking a break from YouTube in an earlier video and he told that it will be in early January 2020. Pewds said he doesn’t know when he is gonna come […]

YouTube Algorithm. EXPLAINED!!

Contents: What is YouTube Algorithm Uses of YouTube Algorithm History of YouTube Algorithms How does the YouTube Algorithm work? Negatives of the Algorithm Algorithm in Trending Page Algorithm & Ad Companies Conclusion What is YouTube Algorithm Have you ever noticed that when you watch multiple videos of same genre or same channel you will find […]


Do you remember the time when vines were a thing, sorry vines were “The Thing”. Cringey adults and teenagers shouting and fighting over internet for god knows what the reason. And the sad part is we all liked it for some reason. Physical comedy made us chuckle and lol. But overtime we become repulsive of […]

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